Important - Please read before purchasing:

Before you purchase please make sure you have an intermediate to advanced understanding of PC’s and computer hardware. Flight1Tech cannot offer entry-level support at this time. Before purchasing make sure you can:


  1. Understand multi-monitor configurations, and understand how to use proper cable adapters (e.g. HDMI to VGA).
  2. If using in a multi-pc environment, you understand how to connect and configure the PC’s on the network router.
  3. Must be familiar with working with files and folders, and know how to work with security products that may show false positives on files.
  4. You must have a PDF viewer and be comfortable reading PC based documentation.
  5. C:\Flight1 Aviation Technologies must be the default installation path for all our products and cannot be changed.


If you are not accustomed to the above, please contact us for our turnkey solutions which come fullly pre-configured.


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SaferTaxi Plug-in for G1000 Student
SaferTaxi Plug-in for G1000 Student


Easily navigate the taxiways and runways at any airport in the world by displaying geo-referenced airport position information right on your PFD or MFD.

You land at an unfamiliar airport after a long flight, turn off the runway, and call up Ground. The controller fires back your taxi clearance:

“Cessna 32B, taxi to parking via Delta, Golf, November, Foxtrot. Cross Runway 12R, hold short of Runway 4.”

You just navigated 300 miles from one airport to another in the dark of night without a hitch. Now you’re worried you might get lost taxiing from the runway to the FBO!

Garmin’s SafeTaxi® feature for the G1000 makes it easy to navigate on the ground without having to dig out a paper airport diagram and figure out where you are.

The Flight1 Tech SaferTaxi plug-in upgrades your G1000 Student Simulator software so that it provides similar information on the MFD and PFD Inset Map.



With the SaferTaxi plug-in installed, zoom any map view below 3 NM range and you’ll see runways and taxiways with identifying letters and numbers, as well as ramp areas. Best of all, the airplane symbol shows you exactly where you are on the airport as you taxi.


SaferTaxi features can be seen on the:


  • Navigation Map page
  • PFD Inset Map
  • Airport Information page
  • Intersection Information page
  • NDB Information page
  • VOR Information page
  • Trip Planning page
  • Nearest pages
  • Active and Stored Flight Plan pages


See for yourself in this video tour:



Unlike Garmin’s SafeTaxi, Flight1 Tech’s SaferTaxi displays data for every airport in the world … and requires no data updates!

Give yourself, your instructors, or your students the gift of increased situational awareness on the ground.



    System Requirements


    • Simulator: Microsoft FSX or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D and Flight1 Tech G1000 Student Simulator Software (version 1.39 or higher)
    • Processor: Quad core or Better
    • Video Card: 1 GB (nVidia Recommended)
    • Hard Drive Space: 400 MB
    • System Memory: 4GB Minimum Recommended (for single computer use)
    • Computer Setup: Please note that a two computer configuration with both computers linked via a local network is recommended for optimum performance, compared to a single computer configuration.